WCPA members sing on stage, they are dressed in black clothing and hold song  books. The conductor is in the forefront of the photo.

Will You Join The Song?

Our choruses create moments that inspire people to change the world. But, we need your help! 

Your Donations DO Make a Difference

Donations are used to support the chorus and its members, helping to fund the gap between ticket sales and operating expenses. Your contributions help to pay for rehearsal space, to hire musicians to perform on our concerts, to fund financial assistance, and much more!

Donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowable by IRS code. 

Other Ways to Support WCPA

Include WCPA as your selected charity on AmazonYour selected charity receives a donation of .05% of all purchases through Amazon Smile.

For questions about donations or other ways to give, please contact:
Giles Lemmens, Executive Director at