Neal Davis-Ruperto

Headshot of accompanist Neal Davis-Ruperto. He has short dark hair and smiles into the camera.


Neal Davis-Ruperto started accompanying choirs while in high school (Jesuit high school in Portland, OR). Since then, he has served as a pianist/organist and has worked for the Diocese of Fresno, Fresno Unified and Washington School districts. While finishing undergraduate studies, he also studied advanced piano music at Fresno City College. He also worked as a choir director/organist at Our Lady of Ransom Church in Niles while finishing graduate school in Audiology.

Neal has been an active member of United Student Pride at Fresno State University and RushPRIDE at Rush University. He has been singing with WCPA since 2015 and has been a performer in Hindsight is 2020. He served as music director for WCPA’s virtual cabarets No Sad Songs Virtual Fundraiser and Please Cast Me. In his spare time you can find Neal running, learning a new language, or trying out a new recipe.