Oct 23, 2013 | Post by: Dan Gardiner Comments Off on WCPA Marches on Springfield for Marriage Equality!

WCPA Marches on Springfield for Marriage Equality!

Even the rain couldn’t dampen WCPA’s spirit Tuesday singing at the steps of our state capital building as part of the Marriage Equality Rally held in Springfield, Illinois on Tuesday, October 22. We were well represented by about 35 members to sing a short set on stage in front of over 5,000 equality supporters as the House went back into session. We made history!

“Call the Damn Bill” and other chants echoed throughout the city streets as we marched around the capital building after an afternoon of music from LGBTQA groups from around the state (including Chicago’s own Artemis Singers and CGMC) and speeches from politicians, political activists and various organizations hailing from every corner of Illinois. Being a long-time activist in Edgewater, I knew several of the political figures quite well, and it was encouraging to hear the amount of support from such well-respected leaders.

It was a long drive down and back (my gratitude for our car pool chauffer!), but the camaraderie, enthusiasm and bonding with fellow music makers as well as civil rights activists from around the state was well worth the trip. Despite making the trip in separate vehicles, we all arrived on time, gathered back stage before the performance, and had a good time making history in Illinois. It was obvious that our Artistic Director, Paul Caldwell, had a good time and was pleased with our singing – as were the crowds of cheering supporters. Thank you to all those who organized and came out in support of Marriage Equality yesterday – we are making history happen!

-Norm Cratty, WCGC Member

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