Windy City Performing Arts is committed to community outreach and has identified 3 areas of focus: education, volunteerism, and performances. Each area will work to demonstrate and advance our mission as well as foster relationships within the community. The Outreach Committee will meet monthly to develop programs and brainstorm opportunities available.



For each concert WCPA will work to develop an educational program based on the concert theme to be presented to area GSA’s and concert attendee’s. When possible, these educational programs will also be presented throughout the community
(COH, BYC, etc)



To build relationships and foster our message, throughout the year WCPA members will be presented with opportunities to volunteer with different organizations in the community. Volunteer activities are not required



In an effort to live our mission, throughout the year WCPA will perform free of charge for various events. These performances will be reviewed/approved by the Board and only be accepted if an appropriate ensemble can be organized. Types of events include: Marriage Equality Rally, Holiday Caroling, etc.